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  • Nimisha Cancer Care Clinic is situated in 25 to 27 Vasundhara Complex, near Bata Showroom and behind Easy Day on Ring Road as you approach Munshi Pulia crossing while going towards poly-technique crossing.

    It is basically a cancer day care chemotherapy centre. It also has facilities of biopsy of various sites of cancer in the body like

    • Oral Biopsy
    • Biopsy from Voice Box (Larynx)
    • Biopsy from Breast
    • Biopsy from the Leg/Thigh Tumours

    > We also provide various consultations for Cancer Relief of Symptoms even in Patients of Advanced Cancer. We give consultation for relief of symptoms.

    > We also provide consultation for treatment of various types of cancers in various stages except Acute Blood Cancer CAML, All High grade Lymphomas.

    > We get cancer surgeries done for various cancers. We get reconstructive plastic surgeries done.

    > We also get various cancer surgeries done by our cancer surgeon.

    > We are also getting radio-therapy treatment done on outsourcing basis. We are using advanced techniques of radio-therapy.