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  • 1. Cancer care
    2. Cancer chemo therapy
    3. Cancer radio therapy
    4. Cancer pain management.
    5. Cancer suger &reconstruction
    6. Cancer chemotherapy- It is given for all types of cancer including lungs cancer ,lxmhhonas, breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer ,head and neck cancer .tongue cancer ,cheek cancer ,cancer of voice ,cancer of esophagus(food pipe)multiple myeloma. We don’t give chemotherapy for acute myeloid lenkaemia (a.m.l)all and high grade lymphomas.

    We are giving.

    1. Inteavenrous chemotherapy.
    2. Subcuteneus
    3. Post chemotherapy.
    9. Cancer radio therapy.

    We are doing cancer radiotherapy. We doing radiotherapy advanced techniques 3D,CRT,IMRI ,IGRT.BEACHY THERAPY,CANCER pain management and palliative care.